Become a Plumber

Develop your technical abilities and skills as a plumber with Tarkio Tech’s Plumbing program. 


Skilled employees are the lifeblood of our business. They are the single biggest factor in the growth and survival of our company. Our biggest challenge is hiring quality employees who wish to stay in our local area. Tarkio College will enable me to recruit and potentially hire the type of trained employees we are constantly searching for at Wallin Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 

– Jade Hagey, President, Wallin Plumbing & Heating, Inc.


(Credits for Completion: 41)

The Plumbing Technology Diploma prepares individuals to work in the field of plumbing by applying technical knowledge and skills to layout, assemble, install, and maintain piping fixtures and systems for natural gas, LP gas, hot water, drainage, sprinkling, and plumbing processing systems in residential and commercial environments.  This includes instruction in source determination, water service and distribution, waste removal, pressure adjustment, basic physics, technical mathematics, print reading, pipe installation, pumps, soldering, plumbing inspection, and applicable codes and standards.  Math for Trades is part of the Basic Plumbing Certificate.  In addition to completing the two certificates in plumbing, students are required to take Communications, English, and Applied Physics.  Communication, English, and Applied Physics are offered during the summer term, which is 8 weeks.  Students are required to have 41 credits to receive the Plumbing Technology Diploma.


Tarkio Tech offers a (2 Semester) Plumbing Certificate, and a Diploma in Plumbing Technology.  The certificate provides students with entry level skills, which prepares them for work as apprentice plumbers.  By adding academic courses, the certificate can be turned into a diploma.  Students may take any individual course without being in a plumbing program as long as they meet the course prerequisites.


Before registering for the Plumbing program, students must demonstrate competence in Mathematics with a minimum of 75 on the arithmetic portion of the College Placement Test, or provide a transcript showing a grade of C or higher in Senior High School Mathematics or by completing MATH098 College Preparation Math with a grade of C or higher.  Students must apply for admission to a program and register for classes through the school’s Admission/Registrar Office.  Students must meet class prerequisites, have the instructor’s permission, and there must be available space in the class.



(Credits for Completion: 16)

The Plumbing Certificate offers a program to develop residential plumbing skills by focusing on residential venting, drains, water systems and fixture installation.  This certificate will prepare a student for residential rough-in and finish work.  Students learn aluminum welding.  An OSHA safety course is taken as part of the  Plumbing course.  To obtain the Semester 1 Plumbing Certificate, students must have 16 credits.


(Credits for Completion: 16)

The advanced Plumbing Certificate completes preparation for residential plumbing and provides preliminary training in commercial plumbing.  In the Advanced Plumbing course, students gain experience working with professional plumbers.  Students also learn basic print reading for plumbing and basic electrical understanding for plumbers.  Plumbing Estimating provides basic business principles for plumbers.  Students must have completed the Semester 1 Plumbing Certificate before beginning Semester 2.  To obtain the Semester 2 Plumbing Certificate, students must have 16 credits.