Student-focused education established on the principles of service to others and founded upon faith, honor and the human spirit.

Our Programs

Tarkio Tech will be offering a Basic Welding, 8 week class on Saturdays. The class will begin January 25, 2020, ending March 14, 2020. 9AM to 12PM. To register or receive more information please call (660) 623-9071 or email info@tarkiotech.com.


Located at the Thompson Learning Center on the Tarkio College Campus in Tarkio, Missouri, the objective of TTI is to provide professionals with the technical skillset to be competitive in the fields of Plumbing, Wind Energy, and Welding. More trade programs are in development.



The Plumbing Technology Diploma consists of 41 Credits of classroom and hands-on instruction. For students who prefer shorter programs, TTI offers two Certificates in Plumbing Technology: Basic and Advanced.

Wind Energy

The Wind Energy Technology Diploma consists of 40 Credits of classroom and hands-on instruction. For students who prefer shorter programs, TTI offers two Certificates in Wind Energy Technology: Basic and Advanced.


Welding technology program is designed to give you a sound foundation in the principles, practices, and usages of both gas and electric welding. This diploma program offers you the education necessary to become a skilled welder.

Our History

Tarkio College was founded in 1883 largely through the efforts and support of a local farmer and entrepreneur, David Rankin.  It became a well-respected, four-year private liberal arts college which continued to operate and bless its students, faculty, staff, and community at large until 1992.  The campus sat idle for periods of time, while loyal alumni sought to recapture an educational mission for the school.  These efforts have brought forth fruit in 2019.  Tarkio College d/b/a Tarkio Technology Institute (Tarkio Tech) has achieved certification from the Missouri Department of Higher Education to provide needed technical training and skills for today’s workforce.

Our Values

  • Academic excellence – we achieve academic excellence as measured by student learning outcomes.
  • Community – we develop a sense of community as demonstrated by service to one another and to others in the community.
  • Honesty and integrity – through honesty and integrity, we develop a trusting learning community.
  • Truth – we seek and communicate the truth.
  • Caring – by caring for everyone we can change our world.
  • Love – Love and treat others as we wish to be treated.

Tarkio Tech Objectives


Service.  Students will learn to serve the public through work experiences that will provide them the opportunity to engage in practical learning opportunities within the community. 

Knowledge Acquisition.  Knowledge Acquisition is obtained through technical training.

Intellectual and Practical Skills Foundation.  Students will acquire a foundation of intellectual and practical skills including communication, quantitative and qualitative reasoning, critical, analytical, creative thinking, problem solving and decision making, and technical and information literacies.

Integrative and Applied Learning.  Students will engage in discipline-appropriate experiences with the broader community through integrated and applied learning.

Professional Competency.  Students will demonstrate professional competence by meeting the established standards of the discipline, working as a valued member of a team, effectively formulating and solving problems, and actively seeking  lifelong learning skills.

Personal and Social Responsibility.  Students will become personally and socially responsible by acquiring, developing, and demonstrating skills in ethical reasoning and understanding.

Cultural and Environmental Awareness.  Students will demonstrate awareness of local, national and global communities by cultivating an understanding of the interdependence among those communities. Students will demonstrate awareness of issues related to creating and maintaining a sustainable economy; identifying processes required to foster efficient and responsive government; and explaining processes essential for protecting and sustaining local, natural and human environments.

Our Team

John Davis

John Davis

Interim President

Laura Gibbons

Laura Gibbons

Admin Assistant

Sheridan Mires

Sheridan Mires

Director of Admissions

Debbie Hoffman

Debbie Hoffman

VP of Finance

David Hoffman

David Hoffman

Facility Manager